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Mizraim Cordero's Testimony on HB16-1465 - Modifications Low-income Housing Tax Credit

Kelly Brough's Testimony on HB16-1435 - Low-wage Employer Corporate Responsibility Act

Jennifer Jones' Testimony on HB16-1310 - Operators Liable For Oil and Gas Operations

Kelly Brough's Testimony on HB16-1420 - CO Healthcare Affordability & Sustainability Enter

Mizraim Cordero's Testimony on HB16-1180 - Free Exercise of Religion

Mizraim Cordero's Testimony on SB16-129 - Neutral Oversight Of Oil And Gas Activities

Tom Clark's Testimony on HB16-1275 - Taxation of Corp Income Sheltered In Tax Haven

Kelly Brough's Testimony on SB16-105 - Adjustments To Educator Performance Evaluation Sys

Jennifer Jones's Testimony on HB16-1008 - Roadway Shoulder Access For Buses

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